11 CCs, 1 RCC, RBIS All-Breeds & 1 Working Group 1

Sadly no longer with us
Top Winning Boxer Bitch 1971
Crufts Qualified for Life

CH Newlaithe Ariadne
CH Hazefield Barrister x Newlaithe Maisu

Challenge Certificate - London & Home Counties Boxer Club 1969 - Prof Mariotti (Italy)
Challenge Certificate - Northern Boxer Club 1970 - Mr P Dyson
Challenge Certificate - Chester 1970 - Mrs N Hullock
Challenge Certificate - Leicester 1970 - Mrs F Price
Challenge Certificate - Midland Boxer Club 1971 - Mr Wurmser (USA)
Challenge Certificate - Northern Boxer Club 1971 - Mr W Wiley
Challenge Certificate - Bath 1971 - Mrs J Malcolm
Challenge Certificate - Birmingham 1971 - Mr Renders (Holland)
Challenge Certificate - Leeds 1971 - Mrs M Norrington
Challenge Certificate - Three Counties 1971 - Mrs Llewellyn Davies
Challenge Certificate - Paignton 1971 - Mr S Somerfield
Reserve Challenge Certificate -
LKA 1971 - Mrs J Heath

Reserve Best in Show at Three Counties CH Show 1971

All through her show life she never failed to show her head off - even at seven years of age she went into the last three for the CC under Jean Heath at London & Home Counties CH Show.

She won CCs under American, Dutch, Italian and many important UK judges including Philip Dyson, Nan Hullock, Felecia Price, Stafford Somerfield,
Lyn Llewellyn-Davies, Monica Norrington, Joy Malcolm and Jean Heath.

She won the Group at Three Counties CH Show in 1971 and was in the last 3 for Best in Show

2014's Blue Book issued by The South Western Boxer Club released their latest (and last ever) edition at The Boxer Event / Crufts
Although we had put an advert in we had no idea what else we would find Mr Robert McDougal, Boxer Historian Extraordinaire and Linda Carnaby, who in the past have put the Record Books together and between them know everything there is to know about pretty much every Boxer past and present with their wins and merits
put together a beautiful piece on Ariadne

With a little tweaking, very kindly done by Linda, CH Pure Faith's Crufts win is also included and her Sire CH Newlaithe On Target Please do have a read of this fantastically written article Our heart felt thanks got to Robert for putting the article together and to Linda for amending so the piece includes our Crufts win

Click Here for the full PDF version