5 CCs, 5 BOBs & 8 RCCs
Crufts Qualified for Life
Sire of Crufts 2014 CC Winner & Reserve Best of Breed
Stunning brindle & white with excellent bone and square construction
Heart Tested Clear 0/1
COI 3.9%

CH Susancar Hugh Bett (Crufts 2007 Best of Breed) x Louie Lila at Newlaithe (DOM)
Click Here for full Pedigree

Third Top Winning Male in the UK 2010
In the Top 10 Top Winning Males in the UK 2011
In the Top 14 Top Winning Males in the UK 2012

Pictured at close to ELEVEV at The Trent Boxer Club CH Show

Sire of
Australian SUPREME Champion Targeted by Newlaithe (Imp UK)
Champion Sezflo Pure Faith by Newlaithe 7 CCs, 1 BOB & 5 RCCs (Stud Book Qualified) - Reserve Best of Breed CRUFTS 2014
Irish Champion Benton Back Track (owned & bred by Paula & Tony - Benton Boxers)
Irish Champion Benton Code Red (owned & bred by Paula & Tony - Benton Boxers)
Irish Champion Benton Sunday Girl (owned & bred by Paula & Tony - Benton Boxers)
Champion Pure Target with Newlaithe 5 CCs, 5 BOBs & 6 RCCs
Newlaithe On Design JW (Stud Book Qualified)
Newlaithe Trojan for Treju 1 RCC (Stud Book Qualified)
On Fire by Newlaithe (Crufts Qualified)
Britesparke Pretty Mona Mia (Stud Book Qualified)
x x

x x

Reserve Challenge Certificate - East of England 2008 - Mrs Sandra Carter
Reserve Challenge Certificate - City of Birmingham 2008 - Mr David Spencer
Reserve Challenge Certificate - Mancunian Boxer Club 2010 - Mr Jeff Luscott
Challenge Certificate - Bournemouth CH Show 2010 - Mr Derek Smith
Reserve Challenge Certificate - SKC 2010 - Mrs Margaret Wildman
Reserve Challenge Certificate - City of Birmingham CH Show 2010 - Mr Stuart Mallard
Challenge Certificate - South Western Boxer Club CH Show 2010 - Mrs Jean Lanning
Challenge Certificate - City of Birmingham CH Show 2011 - Mr Terry Nethercott
Challenge Certificate - South Western Boxer Club CH Show 2011 - Mrs Christina Chapman
Reserve Challenge Certificate - The Cotswold Boxer Club CH 2011 - Mr Goren Bodegard (Sweden)
Challenge Certificate - Working & Pastoral Wales CH Show 2012 - Mr Peter Radley
Reserve Challenge Certificate - Paignton CH Show 2012 - Mrs Sue Searle
Reserve Challenge Certificate - Scottish Kennel Club CH Show 2012 - Mr Jeff Luscott

Critique from SKC 2012 (Jeff Luscott)
Ch Newlaithe On Target JW ShCM. Close up this strong well toned dog has great style and balance, he's developed well with strong chest, front and outline attracts and alert in head, neck and ear set. Strong rear quarters give him the propulsion, moves with drive and balance, RDCC, Worthy Champion

Critique from Paignton CH Show 2012 (Sue Searle)
RDCC Beardsell and Van Beck's CH Newlaithe On Target JW ShCM, really typey male with good bone and muscle, nice work to head, strong neck. hard topline and strong quarters. movement very sound and positive, not quite the reach and drive as CC

Critique from Working & Pastoral CH Show 2012 (Peter Radley)
CH Newlaithe On Target. Top quality and mature 5 and a quarter year old b/w dog of excellent type, balance and overall conformation, presenting a lovely profile picture with pleasing body shape and proportions. Outstanding and masculine head with a dark eye, good stop and muzzle nicely balanced. Good reach of neck, topline and tailset. Excellent forehand and feet. Powerful, ground covering movement. CC and BOB

Critique from The Cotswold Boxer Club CH Show (Goren Bodegard)
Open Dog (23 - 4Abs) - I doubt anyone could find a more impressive class of Boxer males anywhere in the world! A great (and not easy!) pleasure to go over these fabulous dogs. 1 CH Newlaithe On Target. Mature lovely dog with all exceptionally correct details shaping a great entity. Has the best of proportions and construction, great forechest, a lot of elegance added to his strong masculinity, nothing to be criticized here. Reserve Dog CC - pressing the CC winner a lot! (Nice to find that the two winners of Limit and the winner of Open all from the same breeding)

Critique from South Western Boxer Club CH Show (Christina Chapman)
Loved this well made brindle. Good outline, deep chest and w
ell spring. Good muscle, bone and feet. Well balanced throughout and so sound on the move, with well used hocks giving drive, and also has a good reach. Nicely proportioned head with super dark eye and a good expression CC & BIS

Critique from City of Birmingham CH Show (Terry Nethercott)
Open Dog: Beardsell & Van-Beck's Newlaithe On Target, stunning dog, could not fault him, stood like a stallion & moved like a star CC & BOB

Critique from South Western CH Show (Jean Lanning)

Limit Dog: One of the most difficult classes of the day, a number of high class dogs. 1 Newlaithe On Target JW ShCM. Caught my eye as he entered the ring. A sturdy square dog, standing on the best of legs and feet. Not given to any exaggeration. Ideal size, with strong crested neck and one of the best movers of the day, using his good hindquarters. To add, he is a clearly marked golden brindle, a real Boxer, his second big green card today. BIS
My co-judge and I agreed with BIS (Co Judge Mr Karl-E Johannson)

Critique from City of Birmingham CH Show (Stuart Mallard)
Limit Dog: Fabulous class. Beardsell & Van-Beck’s Newlaithe On Target JW ShCM. This lad fulfilled all the requirements of my interpretation of the breed standard, masculine without a hint of coarseness, oozes class, is totally sound and shown in tip top form Reserve CC

Critique from SKC CH Show (Margaret Wildman)
Limit Dog : Beardsell & Van Beck’s Newlaithe On Target, br/w with super head that was nicely balanced with a beautiful clean dry skull, dark expressive eyes, neat ears that sat high & wide & were used to advantage, super square muzzle that was short, deep, wide & in perfect relationship to his skull, his cheeks were well developed & tapered into his muzzle with a slight gentle curve & a pleasing thrust & upsweep of lower jaw resulting in a chin that was obvious from all angles, this boy had a nice neck that was let into shoulders that sat well laid back, good forechest, strong boned straight front legs & neat well arched feet, his body was super shapely & nicely covered & he had a deep brisket, well sprung ribs, perfect topline, tailset & carriage & he had beautiful rear quarters with nice wide muscular thighs & well bent stifles, set up beautifully & moved with a sure footed easy action. RCC

Critique from Bournemouth Club CH Show (Derek Smith)
Limit Dog: Another super class, Beardsell & Van-Beck’s Newlaithe On Target JW ShCM. Stood out for his superb balance and total Boxer outlook, excellent head detail with lovely muzzle, mouth and expression, crested neck, ultra short backed, super bone and substance, shown hard and fit and in beautiful condition, sound on the move and with a spring in his step, handler pulled out all the stops here in the Challenge to win his first CC. Well done.

Critique from The Mancunian Boxer Club CH Show (Jeff Luscott)

Post Graduate Dog: Beardsell & Van-Beck’s Newlaithe On Target JW ShCM. Great stamp and type imported in this young man, good attributes in head, skull, muzzle and jaw, he has a muscular neck, good chest, topline and quarters, he has the power and the balance on the move with excellent reach and drive, shown in great condition with the gloss on his coat he took the class and was on form in the challenge to take the Reserve CC

Critique from City of Birmingham CH Show (David Spencer)

Graduate Dog: Beardsell & Van-Beck’s Newlaithe On Target, really fell for this br/w & my notes say square, square, square, Boxery head with correct skull to muzzle ratio, expressive dark eye & good mouth, beautifully crested neck simply flows into deep square compact body with level flat topline, gun-barrel front with ample forechest, high tailset, muscular well turned hindend giving scopy movement. RCC

Critique from East of England CH Show (Sandra Carter)

Graduate Dog: Beardsell & Van-Beck's Newlaithe On Target, at just 18 months this youngster has a stunning outline, beautiful head of correct proportions, kind expression, good mouth, lovely crested neck, good angulation of shoulder, strong firm topline, bang on tailset, straight front, good feet, correct height on foreleg, strong driving quarters, short back, covered the ground with ease, asked for & got the RCC

* * * *

We are so proud of Newlaithe On Target JW ShCM
To attain his Show Certificate of Merit at All-breed Open Shows he showed at 15 shows
Out of the 15 shows he was placed first 11 times followed by 7 Best of Breeds and 3 Reserve Best of Breeds
In the Groups (from his 7 Best of Breeds) he won 2 Group Ones, 2 Group Twos and a Group 4 and the one show not on the Group System took Reserve Best in Show
So out of the 7 Best of Breeds only unplaced once in the Groups or final and all this in just 9 months

at The Merseyside Boxer Club Nov 2009

at The Trent & Northern Rally Jun 2007 (5 months old)