Sadly no longer with us
2 CCs, 1 BOB & 3 RCCs
CH Starmark Sweet Talkin' Guy x Newlaithe Jessica

Newlaithe Nestor

Challenge Certificate -
Birmingham City 1977 - Mr A Renders (Holland)
Challenge Certificate and BOB - Driffield 1977 - Mr E East

Nestor as a puppy had it all - ring presence, size, striking deep red colour, good head and mouth and good movement
14 CH Show firsts in succession a total of 70 JW points, many times Best in Show, but stuck on 2 CCs

Nestor was the middle boy of our Mid 70s team of showing males; Icarus, Nestor and Quibbler
When mature he was placed 2nd to so many dogs who were eventually made up that we decided to retire him from the ring

He had a big fan-club and is talked about to this day as being a great dog who just missed that last 'big one'
He had many studs and still figures in many pedigrees

Nestor with Patrick & Vikki